Protaetia speciosa jousselini

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Protaetia speciosa jousselini

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One of the most beautiful flower beetle Protaetia speciosa jousselini is a real gem. The whole surface of the body is very shiny and the blue-green elytra contrast with the red pronotum. With its size of up to 35 mm, it does not belong to any crumbs and the view of a group of lively flying brightly colored beetles is really impressive.
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They come from Turkey and Syria, in the nineties I also bred beetles caught by a collector in Israel.

Breeding is not too complicated. We keep adult beetles in a well-lit and airy terrarium at a temperature of 20 – 28 ° C. We feed them sweet ripe fruit and BeetleJelly. We add flower pollen and whole dandelion flowers in season.
Females prefer to lay eggs in mature compost. The layer of this substrate should be at least 15 cm high.
Small larvae hatch after about 2 weeks. We also keep them in compost, but we add various plant residues to the surface, such as slices of various fruits (not citrus), zucchini, lettuce leaves, slices of carrots, peppers, mown grass, etc.
Once the larvae grows up to 3rd stage and begin to change color to a white-yellowish hue, we keep the substrate drier and move them to an environment with a temperature of around 10 – 15 ° C, where we leave them under about 2 months. Then we raise the temperature to 18 – 23 ° C and the larvae gradually begin to form cocoons.

The whole development from the egg to the hatching of an adult takes about 1 year and the adults live 6 months or longer.

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