Matteo (Turin)

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Matteo (Turin)

Bericht door Dynastinae » ma 10 jul 2017, 01:18

Hello guys,

nice to meet you !!
I've recently discovered also this cool forum !!
I'm new in it but not new in breeding, I'm an italian enthusiast of beetles since some years :D
I've been mostly active in german forum where I'm used to put various pictures of my breedings !!
I wanted to show some pics of my "best of" breedings, but when I put the link from the other forum it gives me an error :
"It was not possible to determine the dimensions of the image. Please verify that the URL you entered is correct."
I don't know why :'(

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Re: Matteo (Turin)

Bericht door Cetonio » ma 10 jul 2017, 14:43

Ciao Matteo,
Benvenuto sul forum! Per me, l'Italia è il migliore paese per coleoterri.
Io allevo tante specie Italiane!
Spero che puoi trovare tanta informazione qua.
Saluti, Nicolai

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Re: Matteo (Turin)

Bericht door Pim » ma 10 jul 2017, 21:06

Hi Matteo,

Welcome to the forum. Thanks for introducing yourself here. It would be nice to see your breeding results here too.
There is a size limitation for images, as the space for the forum on the server is limited. Think the limit is about 5Mb per image.
Happy posting!


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Re: Matteo (Turin)

Bericht door Angelique83 » do 24 aug 2017, 18:16

Welcome on this forum 😘
"Don't tell me that the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon."

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